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Fiction & Nonfiction Editing for Writers

I love my dictionaries and Google far more than is healthy. As such, I’ve been nicknamed the OCD Editor. Contact me for a free sample edit.

“Omit needless words.”

William Strunk, Jr.

If the idea of an OCD editor makes you laugh, perfect. Having a sense of humor eases the pain of entrusting your writing to a complete stranger. For the record, OCD editing means objective, confident, and decisive.

Whether you just need a little editorial love to shove your book toward the light at the end of the tunnel, or you’re in the throes of an authorial meltdown, I can push, pull, or drag your book out of the chaos. I’ll also add the special fairy dust I’m known for—that only a poet can provide.

I say I can sort it and I mean it. Let me show you with a free sample edit.

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The editor’s job is to put a piece of writing through the wringer so that it comes out the other side all sparkly and squeaky clean. It’s not the editor’s job to judge or alter the content and message of the writing—or the voice and viewpoint of the author. An objective editor respects a writer’s perspective, content, message, and voice.



It’s par for the course that not every word written will serve a text well in the final analysis. Perhaps something—e.g., a section, plot twist, or minor character—comes across as incongruous, or the rationale for including it is dubious. A good editor is confident enough to dispense honest editorial tough love when necessary.



Part of the editor’s job is to assess a text with a view to improving it. For example, there may be structural, continuity, or characterization issues. Hence, besides being able to refine the language and polish the punctuation, a decisive editor can identify—and work with the author to rectify—other issues to enhance the text.

Some Books Edited by the OCD Editor

OCD Editing

How should I know what editing I need?


If the thought of anyone changing a word you’ve written sends you into the horrors, and you know your book needs nothing more than a little shine, Overtired is fine. Think of it as proofreading and copy editing sprinkled with fairy dust. But just for good measure, I’ll let you know if I spot any major issues.

If you’re generally happy with your book but just can’t decide if it’s quite cooked, Conflicted is perfect. I’ll identify any raw issues and outline a strategy to roast or toast ’em. In a nutshell, I’ll advise in respect of areas that could be strengthened, and if I think restructuring is necessary I’ll let you know what I suggest. If I find no major issues, or you have no intention of going through the book again, I’ll do any restructuring we’ve agreed and get right into the edit. But if you’re ready for another session in the kitchen, great! I’ll restructure the book as agreed, or not, and start the edit after you’ve made your additions and alterations.

If your book is almost done but you need some extra editorial love to shove it over the finish line, or you’d just appreciate additional support, Distressed editing is for you. I’ll help you develop or refine the story / argument / conclusion, I’ll review your new and reworked material, and I’ll ensure that those things which ought to be factually accurate in your novel are indeed factually accurate.


$0.02/ word
  • sentence splicing & snipping
  • elimination of repetition
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • typos
  • word choice / usage
  • flow


$0.08/ word
  • Everything in Conflicted plus…
  • Pre-edit
  • developmental support and guidance for rewrites
  • Edit
  • fact-checking for fiction
  • Post-edit
  • final proofread
  • I’m an editor, not a co-author; responsibility for the veracity of works of nonfiction is a heavy burden, and it lies with the author(s).

What Authors & Clients Say

I don’t have sufficient words to describe the encouragement, guidance, and help that Tara provided to me. She turned a messy manuscript into a readable book. Her command of the English language and written word are awe-inspiring, and her editing is tight but not brutal. Dek Gleeson -- Dublin, Ireland

Daydreams and Nightmares

Tara’s help on my technical books was outstanding.  I have already recommended her to colleagues and would have no hesitation in suggesting her editing services to anyone else. Steven McFadyen

When I was working on my novel, I was full of anxiety. Tara managed to fix my broken manuscript, and she encouraged me to write the ending. She was instrumental in helping me find myself and complete my novel. I can’t thank her enough for her dedication. My published book is beyond my wildest expectations. I will continue working with Tara to develop the series, and I hope other emerging writers will benefit from her feedback and editing services. Scarlet Risqué -- Singapore

Hourglass Series

My grammar has always been the Achilles heel of my writing. Tara worked through my novel and helped smooth out the kinks. With her help, my sentences sounded better and my story came alive. She is a patient, wonderful person to work with. I strongly recommend her. Katheryn Lumsden

Tara gave us a hand with a last-minute project and I was very pleased with her help. It’s amazing the amount of work she was able to get done in such a short amount of time. We would have never made the deadline without her. I can definitely recommend her. Frank Hanes -- Chicago, IL

Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions

After contacting Tara I was happy with our first communication. I was happy with the first edit and I was even happier with the completed project. Tara is amazing. I had to go through a few editors, two published novels, and giving sneak peeks to professional acquaintances who inadvertently helped me with the editing of the first two novels before I found Tara—a breath of fresh air and an editor dedicated to seeing the project through from beginning to end. . . . Thank you again Tara Keogh, for turning my manuscript into something great. I truly appreciate your knowledge and time you put into a book that is so dear to me and my family. (Excerpted from Alina’s blog.)

Alina Yates

Through the Eyes of a Mother

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