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I’ve nicked the title of this from a blog post by Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur, but I’m hoping he won’t mind. His post is titled Master Guide to Selecting the Best Book Editor and the good folks at Kindlepreneur were kind enough to include my name in their list of “highly recommended” editors.

I was absolutely delighted of course, so I had to check out the site. What I can say is I really, really wish I knew about Kindlepreneur before I self-published my volume of haiku. Dave hits the nail on the head when he says: “I realized that the number one problem that people were having wasn’t writing the book, but marketing it once they had it published. . . . and [it’s] not what writers wanted to spend their time doing.”

Well you can say that again brother! To all authors thinking about, or on the verge of, self-publishing—don’t venture into this wilderness alone—you and your book might get lost. Kindlepreneur is there to help and you should take advantage of Dave’s hard-earned knowledge. He offers resources, tools, and a free book about improving your Amazon ranking. So, if, like me, you dread tackling this aspect of self-publishing, and would love a guide to the wonderful and weird world of marketing your book, Kindlepreneur can help.

Now, back to the sweet little article that gives Yours Truly a nice plug. . . . It explains the different types of editing, suggests ways to compare two editors, and provides a handy-dandy list of vetted editors.

It must be acknowledged that not all editors or editing services offer free sample edits. More power to them if they don’t have to do this (and I do understand not wanting or feeling one ought to have to do this). But the way I see it is if a lawyer who makes exponentially more than I do can offer a free consultation, then who am I to refuse to do a free sample edit? A free sample edit is a chance for me to see an author’s work, and more importantly, it allows the author to gauge whether or not my editing style is for them. Testimonials are all well and good, but the last thing I want an author to do is pay me blind as it were, only to find out after the fact that they hate the way I edit. That wouldn’t be good for either of us.

So, if and when you’re ready to think about getting your book professionally edited, take a look at the article. Then get a free sample edit from me and one of my colleagues to see if we can help!